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Kinesiology Taping method

Kinesiology Taping therapy is a practice in which specially designed tapes are applied to the skin in a certain place or places on the body, these have a sensory influence and proven to aid discomfort and ...

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V. Sherborne developmental movement exercises

The assumptions of Veronica Sherborne’s developmental movement method are unusually simple. The entire idea is based on cognition with one’s own body and experiencing contact with other people. Movement is ...

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Classic massage-partial

Classic massage is the most popular massage that, depending on its form and intensity, may be therapeutic, relaxing, stimulating. Classic massage includes treatments that aim to improve the psychophysical ...

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Shantalla massage

Shantalla massage is an ancient technique of massage for infants and children, introduced in Europe by a French obstetrician Frederique Leboyer. It enjoys great popularity in the USA and Canada. In Europe, ...

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Prechtl’s method diagnostic

Diagnosing according to prof. Prechtl’s method is helpful in cases of first neurological disorders of a prematurely born child, resulting from damage to central nervous system and in future rehabilitation ...

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NDT- Bobath Neurodevelopment therapy

The NDT-Bobath neurodevelopmental therapy is directed towards our youngest patients, due to its non-invasive character, this can be conducted within the first days after the child’s birth. This technique ...

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Infant care training (handling)

Proper care of a child may facilitate his/her motor development in a natural way. In infants’ rehabilitation, training of proper care and so called ‘handling’ is an inseparable element of NDT – Bobath ...

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