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Shantalla massage

Shantalla massage is an ancient technique of massage for infants and children, introduced in Europe by a French obstetrician Frederique Leboyer. It enjoys great popularity in the USA and Canada. In Europe, child massages are especially popular in Netherland and it was this practice that was brought to Poland. Regular massaging has a positive influence on a child and his/her mother or other person who conducts the massage. This type of massage can be easily conducted by everyone, as the technique is relatively easy to learn.
Regular massaging of a child 3-4 times a week brings the following benefits:
For infant:

  • helps to regulate the sleep
  • improves digestion
  • calming influence
  • relaxes
  • improves the awareness of the boundaries of his/her body
  • improved sense of security
  • improves the relationship with the parent
  • increases immunity
  • stimulates the endocrine system

For a parent or person conducting the massage:

  • improved self-confidence, faith in the skills of taking care of a child
  • calming effect
  • softens or prevents postnatal depression
  • strengthens and improves the bond with the child
  • helps to understand the child when he/she tries to communicate their needs.