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NDT- Bobath Neurodevelopment therapy

The NDT-Bobath neurodevelopmental therapy is directed towards our youngest patients, due to its non-invasive character, this can be conducted within the first days after the child’s birth. This technique of early rehabilitation tends to give the best results during the first year of a child’s life.

NDT-Bobath therapy is directed at newborns – including prematurely born children, infants and young children, especially those with:

  • developmental problems caused by prematurity
  • motor development disorders
  • muscle tone disorders (too strongly or too weakly tensed muscles)
  • problems because of care unsuitable for a child
  • feeding, suction and swallowing disorders
  • breastfeeding disorders
  • asymmetrical body
  • children repeating the same movement pattern
  • cerebral palsy
  • myelomeningocoele
  • congenital disorder
  • children with Down’s syndrome
  • problems with sensory integration
  • problems with feet, bowleg or knock-knee.

The therapist’s work is based on controlling the child’s activity from so called “key points,” These areas are the head, neck, shoulder girdle and other body parts, in order to create proper posture patterns of a child, along with teaching him/her how to use and control them.