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Infant care training (handling)

Proper care of a child may facilitate his/her motor development in a natural way. In infants’ rehabilitation, training of proper care and so called ‘handling’ is an inseparable element of NDT – Bobath therapy.

Parents are trained by the therapist on:

  • how to lift an infant as well as methods of carrying a child so that it is safe and healthy for his/her spine
  • how to dress and undress an infant
  • which accessories for infant care are necessary, and which are redundant
  • appropriate ‘play’ activities suitable for a few months old infant, so that it develops his/her cognitive and motor skills
  • correct feeding techniques of a baby coupled with dietary advice
  • how to take care of a young child, so as not to disturb his/her natural psycho-motor development.

Within the framework of these meetings, parents will learn not only practical skills from the scope of proper care, but also how to calmly and firmly handle their child.