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Classic massage-partial

Classic massage is the most popular massage that, depending on its form and intensity, may be therapeutic, relaxing, stimulating. Classic massage includes treatments that aim to improve the psychophysical condition of a patient. It is used in preventing and treating many diseases including orthopaedics, neurology, paediatrics and many others.
Depending on the situation, classic massage may be performed in the form of a partial or total treatment. This massage has an analgesic function that improves tissue nutrition, regenerates muscles, regulates muscle tone, increases elasticity and flexibility of muscles, decreases fatty tissue, improves metabolism and can activate the blood and lymph flow. Regular massaging improves the mood and treat the existing changes of bone structure, after the massage we feel less tension within spine, back and neck. Classic massage improves the look of skin, its oxygenation and blood supply.


In infant and children rehabilitation it is used in cases of:

  • improper distribution of muscle tone
  • improper level of muscle tone
  • contractures of the Achilles tendons
  • flat feet
  • poor activity of the lower limbs
  • paralyses of the shoulder plexus
  • improper breathing
  • scoliosis
  • torticollis.